Residential segmentation that gives you the power of customized segmentation without the hassle or cost.

PowerSegments pairs your internal usage data with deep insight into your customers’ attitudes to give you the powers you need to market more effectively. And, all this integrates into your operational system with an easy-to-use dashboard tailored to your users’ roles.

Learn how PowerSegments unleashes your hero within.

  • Indicates which customers are likely to participate in which programs
  • Provides the marketing message and channel that resonates with each customer
  • Identifies high potential energy efficiency savings customers
  • Lowers marketing costs by providing exceptional targeting

Ready to get started?

Use the following resources to learn more about PowerSegments:
  • PowerSegments Overview. Get details on how this segmentation solves your current marketing challenges, as well as explains the differences between PowerSegments and other segmentation.

  • PowerSegments User Manual. View a sample of the customized marketing guide you receive with PowerSegments, including segment profiles, segment/program affinity, and more.


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