The path to your utility’s long-term success is having engaged and highly satisfied customers.

It starts with trust. Direct Options uses our proprietary Customer Optimization methodology, to position your utility as a trusted energy advisor, not just an energy supplier.

Consult — Do you really know your customers? You will when all available customer data from across your company, regardless of system and format, is brought together in one place. Then it is combined with industry data and third party insights to form complete customer profiles using CustomerOptimizerTM—so you can speak to customers on a one-to-one level unheard of in utility marketing.

Strategize — Direct Options has conducted extensive research into utility customer preferences and behaviors. This groundbreaking, industry-specific insight is applied to your data. The results are a clear, tangible strategy to improve how you communicate with customers and how they respond to you.

Execute — Strategy comes to life with creative resources, technical expertise, strategic marketing, and data-driven tools designed for utilities. You deliver messages that customers want at the times and in the ways they want to receive them.

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Industry Insight

 Utilities are wanting to understand more about customers than they have in the past. Companies like Direct Options can assist them. If customers are happy, regulators are happy, and, if regulators are happy, it is more likely they will rule favorably for what a utility needs to maintain a healthy and viable business. 

—Jon Kubler, Industry Observer and former Director of Rates and Pricing, Georgia Power