Marketing Expertise

Transforming the customer experience to create a meaningful relationship.

The utility customer is changing. Your customer expects you to know and understand them. They want a personalized relationship with you. Our effective, customer-centric utility knowledge based on past data, current research, behavioral analysis, and trailblazing analytics puts the power in your hands to achieve maximum results and customer satisfaction.

Customers respond. You earn customer trust. You achieve your goals—getting the highest return for your marketing investments.

Our suite of services includes:

Marketing Services Analytic Support Market Research
  • Program Design & Execution
  • Campaign Design & Execution
  • Performance Analytics & Dashboards
  • Digital Engagement Platforms
  • Behavioral Programs
  • Portfolio / Vendor Management
  • Statistical Modeling / Advanced Analytics
  • Data Mining / Big Data
  • Lifecycle / Relationship Management
  • Customer Experience & Segmentation
  • Strategy & Planning
  • CustomerOptimizer™ Consulting
  • Customer Surveys
  • Emotional Engagement
  • Program Mix & Unmet Needs
  • Brand Value & Perception
  • Program & Product Research
  • Marketing Strategy & Planning

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