The utility customer is changing. Your customer expects you to know and understand them. Our effective, customer-centric utility knowledge based on past data, current research, ongoing behavioral analysis, and trailblazing analytics puts the power in your hands to achieve maximum results and customer satisfaction.

Direct Options has been helping utilities achieve their marketing objectives for 26 years. It’s what we do. And because we focus only on the energy industry, we understand your unique needs and challenges and our services are tailored to address your challenges:

Marketing Expertise Our experienced staff can help you build a strategy based on solid customer data and predictive analysis. We develop an integrated campaign approach by employing multiple channels with messaging that speaks directly to customer needs. Our performance analytics and dashboards keep you apprised of results all along the way.

Do you need a better way to engage with your customers? Our digital engagement platform and behavioral program management knowledge will help you achieve better customer satisfaction score and boost program enrollment.

Consulting Strategy Customer Optimization
CustomerOptimizer™ is our proprietary methodology, built specifically for the utility industry, which leverages advanced customer analytics. It enables you to know your customers down to a segment of one. Armed with this knowledge, we can help you increase customer engagement, program enrollment and customer satisfaction. You’ll achieve a higher return on investment from your marketing dollars.

Strategy and Market Research
We understand the value that solid industry research brings. It can bring insight into your brand value by uncovering how your customers perceive you. We offer a complete package of strategy and market research including what is the ideal product mix, which new products to pursue, program budgeting and allocation as well as overall marketing strategy and planning.

Program Solutions We offer interactive home energy reports, rebate processing portals, data management, and customer database technologies that are award-winning and have increased customer participation for utilities across the country.


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