Trust is earned.
It is never taken for granted.


Experience matters when the future of your utility is on the line. That’s not an overstatement. Utilities can no longer survive on energy sales alone. You need to engage customers in multi-faceted relationships if you want to achieve your energy efficiency goals, increase revenues, and strengthen your position with regulators.

Since 1991, we have supported the utility industry by developing, testing, and implementing data-driven solutions that engage customers and spur them to action.

  • Over 33 million customer contacts in utility energy-efficiency programs
  • More than $148 million in additional revenue generated for clients
  • Over 16 million tips provided on behalf of clients

Your utility will benefit from decades of experience across a broad array of utility consulting and direct marketing services.

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Industry Insight

Better-run utilities recognize that understanding the customer and what the customer wants is important to their success. The regulatory environment they operate in, the strength of their brand, the number of customers they can engage, and the efficiency of their operations are greatly aided by the manner in which they meet the needs of their customers.

—Tucker Mann, Retired VP of Marketing, Progress Energy