Trust is earned.
It is never taken for granted.


Our clients benefit from the knowledge and expertise that we have gained from consistently implementing data-driven solutions that engage customers and spur them into action. Over the years, we have:

  • Refined our approach beyond simple segmentation - our proprietary analytic methodology combines data with customer emotional and psychographic drivers to provide insights at the individual customer level
  • Developed and implemented programs leveraging behavioral economics insights to integrate emotional triggers that influence consumer decision-making
  • Made significant investments in building leading technologies with our in-house development team
  • Built a highly secure data infrastructure designed to bring disparate data sets together to make your data actionable.

Let us put our decades of data analytics experience to work for your company.

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Industry Insight

Better-run utilities recognize that understanding the customer and what the customer wants is important to their success. The regulatory environment they operate in, the strength of their brand, the number of customers they can engage, and the efficiency of their operations are greatly aided by the manner in which they meet the needs of their customers.

—Tucker Mann, Retired VP of Marketing, Progress Energy