Trust is earned.
It is never taken for granted.


Direct Options provides insights, solutions, and superior results to our clients through the intelligent use of data. We help them engage with their customers, thereby becoming trusted partners in achieving their goals.

Core Values

Our values are the foundation for how we work and guide the way we interact with our clients, their customers and fellow employees.


Adhere to high ethical principles and standards, basing our actions on the Golden Rule. We take individual responsibility for high professional standards in our work and in representing the company internally and externally.


Value the differences in everyone we work with, honoring colleagues’ experience and ideas, and treating everyone with dignity and courtesy. Encourage everyone to share their point of view, use their ‘voice,’ and contribute to the end result. We eagerly help one another and contribute to bigger solutions as a team.

Client Value

Clients are the reason our company exists, therefore we strive to deliver the greatest value and quality to them. We seek to understand our clients’ true needs at a deep level by asking questions, listening carefully, sharing experiences and insights, and confirming clients’ expectations. We generate solutions to their business problems and consistently deliver on promises.


Seek candor, openness, and trust. Deal with issues immediately, fearlessly, and completely. Restate and repeat to ensure we understand and are understood. Assume less, ask more, and confirm our understanding.


Have the courage and honesty to accept responsibility for our actions and to be accountable to ourselves, our colleagues and our clients. We make and keep our commitments, take ownership for our actions, and generate solutions for shortcomings.


Embrace and invest in opportunities by leveraging our knowledge, experience and intuition. Challenge ourselves to develop new and better solutions. Seek the unknown. Take smart, calculated risks.


Have determination to overcome any challenge and confidence to believe that anything is possible—and that we’re good enough to achieve it. Humility drives us to continuously improve ourselves and our offerings.


Work to achieve superior results for our company and clients. We earn a fair profit for the results we produce and maintain our profitability through greater efficiency, practical use of resources, and investing in ourselves and our future.