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Customer Alignment Assessment

Alignment is created when your marketing initiatives match the wants, needs and expectations of your customers. When full alignment occurs, marketing costs reduce, sales increase and you deliver greater customer satisfaction.

The Customer Alignment Assessment measures the degree to which a utility is offering the right number of programs as well as the degree to which resources are allocated to market them.

We have talked to thousands of residential electric consumers across the country to get their perspective on the programs and services your utility offers and markets.  Our assessment asks you questions about your utility's priorities, then compares your answers to the interests and perspectives of your utility's customers.

Some of our findings include:

  • Almost HALF of residential customers would like MORE marketing from utilities
  • 83% of the programs we measured have low awareness, and 40% of those have high interest among customers, offering extraordinary marketing opportunities.
  • Almost HALF of residential customers are not participating in any utility programs.

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