Our approach helps you understand your customer. Your next great challenge. Your best opportunity.

How it Works

As part of your team, your goals are our goals.

Customer Optimization

All customers contribute to your success, but not all customers contribute equally. Direct Options’ proprietary CustomerOptimizer™ methodology assesses each individual customer to determine when, why, and in what manner they may or may not want to engage.


Offer customers precisely what they want and are likely to buy, from energy-efficiency programs to value-added products and services. Reduce acquisition costs and deliver programs more efficiently. Your customers are happier. Your bottom line is stronger. Regulators treat you more favorably.


Having data is not the same as using it. Direct Options applies groundbreaking analytics to parse, organize, and analyze customer data into segments of one that you can apply in meaningful ways. Transform demographic information, energy usage patterns, program preferences, and customer survey data into clear customer profiles. Accurately predict their responses to specific offers. Target market to their needs, interests, and personal preferences.

Data Management

Utilities collect and store customer data in many ways, but those paths don’t always cross. Bring your entire customer data set together in one place so you can access, analyze, and use it more effectively. With this comprehensive data collection and information management system at your fingertips, you get deeper customer insights and more meaningful interactions. Suddenly, everyone in your organization is on the same page with powerful, comprehensive customer data drawn from your organization, industry trends, and third party sources.

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