Our approach helps you understand your customer. Your next great challenge. Your best opportunity.

Our Approach

Marketing used to be easy. Consumers today, however, are more sophisticated and have higher expectations. They tune out traditional marketing. They value relevant product offerings over cookie-cutter mass marketing, and they expect you to know them.

A holistic approach to marketing

Direct Options’ approach helps you know and deliver what your customer wants while enabling you to achieve your goals. This holistic approach delivers a formula for success that concentrates on four key areas:

  • Customer engagement: Are you offering relevant experiences that make your customer want to engage with you or listen to what you have to say?
  • Analytics: What makes your customers tick? Do you understand their wants, needs and expectations?
  • Customer messaging and channel marketing: Are you getting the results you need from your current marketing strategy? Are you getting the best return on your investment?
  • Customer data management: Can you look at your customer data in meaningful, actionable ways?

Your dedicated partner

Learn how these four areas of focus work together so your customers feel respected, understood and well served. They become allies and support your business decisions that in turn keep your utility healthy.

How It Works