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Innovative assessment reveals alignment between customers and their utilities.

Direct Options recently conducted a nationwide survey of utility customers to understand how utilities are aligned (or misaligned) with their customers’ needs and expectations.  This article outlines the ground-breaking results of the survey as well as offering utilities a chance to take a similar survey to receive a personalized report for their utility that reveals how well they are aligned with their customers.
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Are You Spending Your Marketing Dollars Wisely?

Happy customers mean better results and loyal advocates, and marketing can help build that trust. But do you know which of your marketing is building that engagement and what is eroding it?
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Customer Fatigue: The Silent Killer

Marketing campaigns not working? The answer might be customer fatigue, which happens when customers receive too many or irrelevant offers. One-to-one marketing can decrease COA and increase customer satisfaction.
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The Paradigm Shift in Customer Expectations

With declining energy use, a shifting regulatory environment and uncertainty in climate regulation, customer expectations are changing. Utility customers now expect the same experience they receive from other providers. Adapting is complex and uncomfortable. Data Intelligence is key – know thy customer.
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Balance Lower Consumption with Customer Programs that Deliver Revenue

With energy consumption decreasing, how do you improve revenue? Customer programs can often improve customer satisfaction as well as drive revenue.
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Billing Programs: The Gateway to Customer Engagement and Increased Revenue

Billing programs are a strategic part of a utility’s portfolio and are primarily used to drive revenue, reduce costs or shift load. But they are also the first program a customer participates in, and that first step often leads to participation in other programs.
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Customer Trust – the Next Opportunity

Ashlie Ossege and Jan Moore co- author an article, published in the EnergyBiz Fall 2015 Issue, outlining Direct Options’ approach to increased customer satisfaction. Learn why gaining customer’s trust is so critical to the utility industry.
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Customer Optimization – When Preparation Meets Opportunity. It’s not about luck anymore.

Customer Optimization Means Long-Term Customer Engagement & Satisfaction. Utilities are in a unique position to provide and market products and services to a captive audience. Offering solutions that meet the customer’s needs and preferences is the key to meaningful customer engagement.
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