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Customer Engagement Classification

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What is Customer Engagement Classification?

Identifies each customer’s ideal program path and level of customer engagement, including categorizing the disengaged.


  • Identifies potential engagement level and best program path for each customer
  • Provides strategies on reaching disengaged customers
  • Appends to your current customer data
  • Decreases your cost of acquisition by avoiding customers who are unlikely to participate


  • Customer product path preference
  • Engagement level by customer
  • Programs Per Customer (PPC)
  • Top areas for improvement
  • Percent of customers engaged
  • Satisfaction scores by engagement level
  • Customer Insight Survey results

Transforming data into customer engagement

Customer engagement is the key to increasing product revenue. But mass marketing to grow program enrollments is not the answer. You end up spending your marketing dollars on people who won’t listen.

Our Customer Engagement Classification not only identifies the preferred program path for each customer, it gives you strategies on how to reach those customers who typically don’t respond. It makes forecasting enrollment goals and developing effective marketing campaigns much easier.

Unlike other classification models that rely on nationwide demographics, our model examines what drives utility customers. By getting to the individual level, you can increase program enrollment and customer satisfaction.

Let us show you how to target your customers with the right value proposition.

To learn how our our Customer Engagement Classification can help you make better connections with your customers, please download the full product sheet or contact us.

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