We know how to get customer data and put it to work for you.

Customer Insights Data

Simplifies Data Development
Enriches Your Customer Data
Increases Marketing ROI

What is the Customer Insights Data?

Enhanced utility-specific customer data that uses a proprietary methodology to make customer analysis and target marketing more effective.


  • Produces data points that enable you to better understand customers
  • Increases call center effectiveness with cross-sell and upsell data at representatives’ fingertips
  • Enables you to create smart marketing strategies
  • Centralizes your data for easy use
  • Gives you better opportunities to improve engagement levels
  • Reduces customer fatigue from irrelevant marketing
  • Provides program bundling guidance
  • Appends to your current database


  • Provides seven custom data points
  • Segmentation model includes six customer segments
  • Program preference by customer
  • Preferred communication channel

Transforming data into customer connections

It is relatively easy to be data rich, but quite another story to be information rich. If you want to develop deeper insights into your customers but struggle with which data points are meaningful or have a limited analytics, research or IT staff, our Customer Insights Data is for you.

We collect and organize your customer information, and run it through our proprietary CustomerOptimizer™ algorithm. This adds seven crucial points of data, which takes your customer data to the next level enabling an insightful view into the way your customers think. These data points include:

  • Your customers categorized into six utility-based segments
  • The top three programs for that customer
  • The preferred channel of communication
  • The engagement level of each customer
  • The ideal program path

Building customer relationships is increasingly important to the health of modern-day utilities. It is essential for building customer satisfaction, program participation, and improving response time to customer issues.

Let us show you how we transform your customer data into an actionable customer database.

To learn how our Customer Insights Data can help you make better connections with your customers, please download the full product sheet or contact us.

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