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Customer Satisfaction Survey

Drive Loyalty.
Improve CSAT.
Increase Customer Lifetime Value.

What is the Customer Satisfaction Survey?

A survey administered to your customers to determine satisfaction trends, satisfaction with a program and its attributes, or pre/post to measure the impact of an event or communication.

Why Survey Customers?

  • Offers the best way to collect customer feedback
  • Delivers tangible data you can use to make better business decisions
  • Provides insights into how to improve customer experience
  • Improves customer program retention


  • Focus-related questioning that addresses your area of concern
  • Clear and concise online questions
  • Rates your strengths, areas for improvement and customer expectations
  • Summary of findings and recommended next steps


Know your customers. Grow your business.

Customer satisfaction, engagement through program participation and Customer Lifetime Value strongly relate to one another. After all, happy customers are more likely to have a good opinion of you, participate in more of your programs, and be less likely to be a drain on your resources. Our Customer Satisfaction Survey can help you get to know your customer better and in the process learn how your customers feel about your utility, your products, and your service.

Our survey provides a benchmark where customer satisfaction currently stands, and can be administered periodically to measure the impact of communications and marketing on your overall score. You will be able to monitor and act on customer feedback.

Know your customers. Reach your potential.

Find out what your customers are really thinking. To learn how our Customer Satisfaction Survey can help you become your customers’ trusted energy advisor, please download the full product sheet or contact us.

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