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Customer Insights Survey

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What is the Customer Insights Survey?

A cutting-edge online survey that measures the emotional, psychographic, customer satisfaction, and program interest of your customers.


  • Learn your customers interests and preferences as well as emotional drivers and beliefs
  • Discover how to ensure the utmost in customer engagement
  • Boost enrollment in your programs
  • Helps you make better business decisions
  • Develop individual customer marketing strategies


  • Most comprehensive survey on the market for utilities
  • Ability to brand the survey with your look and feel
  • Customer incentive ensures higher response rate
  • Expert analysis of each customer segment

Understanding what drives customers’ decisions

Customers today expect more of their utility. They want you to be more than an energy provider and more like an energy advisor, delivering products and service that they want.

Our Customer Insights Survey goes beyond typical customer surveys because it assesses the gap between your current offerings and what customers consider ideal offerings. This gap between real and ideal indicates your customers' unmet needs.

Understand your customers.
Achieve your business goals.

Find out what your customers are really thinking. To learn how our Customer Insights Survey can help you become your customers’ trusted energy advisor, please download the full product sheet or contact us.

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