We know how to get customer data and put it to work for you.

Imagine what you can do with segmentation that gives you the benefits of customization without the hassle or cost

Finally! Residential customer segmentation built for utilities!

PowerSegments is the new residential segmentation from Direct Options that puts the power of utility customer data in your hands. You get the benefits of customized segmentation built for your needs and territory, without the hassle or expense of customization. Imagine what you can do in:

  • Market Research and Analytics – Combine and enhance your energy data, demographics, psychographics and program preferences in one place to accelerate research requests and marketing list selections.
  • Program Management – Know each customer’s preferred program type and energy efficiency savings potential to better target your program.
  • Marketing Communications – Deliver relevant messaging and preferred channel for each segment to ensure your customers take notice of your advertising and program offers.

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