We know how to put customer data to work for you.

Customer Data Management

Housing personally identifiable information (PII) on your customers can be scary these days – and what is the best way to access it?  Our online portal stores your customer information in a secure database and allows you to visualize and access it simply and easily (no query language needed) to create marketing lists, see who has responded or been previously contacted.   We take the data organization, storage, and security out of your hands allowing you to focus on who to market and sell to.

Direct Options will collect, analyze, and organize customer data from multiple sources into a single platform focused on ensuring business continuity, effective marketing and improved customer experience. Our proprietary Customer Optimizer Engine can add predictive data such as next best product, marketing message, and build industry based segmentation. 

Do you need a little more than that?  We can integrate with your CRM or give you access through ours.  We can also help with your marketing creative needs and execution. 

Customer Optimization

The Customer Optimization Project (COP) is Direct Options’ residential analytics methodology that produces two primary outputs:

  • Customer Insights allow you to more effectively target each customer with the right programs, right messages through the right channel. This results in increased adoption and satisfaction while lowering cost of acquisition and customer fatigue.

  • Portfolio Strategy provides the tools for portfolio planning such as unmet program needs, market potential, best next programs and the financials of your portfolio. It supports financial business planning, portfolio strategy and regulatory planning.

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