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Portfolio Marketing Database

Strengthens Portfolio
Identifies Optimal Program Mix
Increases Program Profitability

What is a Portfolio Marketing Database?

Provides a unique view of your program portfolio to help you understand how existing and prospective programs fit within your customer market.


  • Produces data points that enable you to better understand how your customer relates to your program
  • Increases call-center effectiveness with cross-sell data at representatives’ fingertips
  • Enables you to create smart marketing strategies
  • Centralizes your data for easy use
  • Provides customer drivers and program paths
  • Makes sense of market size and potential for each of your programs
  • Helps identify potential new programs
  • Provides program bundling guidance
  • Appends to your current database


  • Proprietary CustomerOptimizer™ provides seven customer data points
  • Program gap analysis indicates cross-sell and upsell opportunities
  • Cluster analysis of program customer models
  • New program opportunities identified

Maximize your program portfolio potential

Program portfolio management helps you determine program strategy decisions, marketing budget, and allocation of resources. But developing a portfolio management strategy requires analytical information that the average program or portfolio manager may not have available.

Given the right tools, however, portfolio management can release you from complicated spreadsheet analysis and give you fresh insight into your program line to increase profitability and develop a plan for future growth.

This added insight provides a unique view of your programs from a portfolio perspective. You will be able to see how existing and prospective programs fit within the current customer market. It indicates where programs have the greatest and least opportunity for cross-sell and indicates places where there may be potential opportunities for new program development. Imagine knowing:

  • Where your customers fall among six distinct utility-based segments
  • The top three programs for that customer
  • The preferred channel of communication
  • The engagement level of each customer
  • The ideal program path for customer participation

Let us show you how to make your programs and program portfolio more profitable.

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