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Program Preferences and Unmet Needs

Strengthen Product Portfolio
Increase Customer Value
Drive Product Development

What is the Program Preferences and Unmet Needs Solution?

Indicates customers’ program preferences, their unmet needs, and opportunities for new program development.


  • Understand the program needs of your customers
  • Discover product gaps in your program portfolio
  • Evaluate conceptual programs
  • Increase opportunities for cross-sell
  • Determine program preference, program potential and saturation


  • Program gap analysis
  • Customer program preference
  • New product development notes opportunities for new programs
  • Cross-sell opportunities
  • Complete analysis of findings in written report

A product strategy for the future

The utility industry is changing. From technological advancements in energy-related consumer products, to environmental regulations that have altered our once stable business model, changes are forcing many to examine the programs and services they offer.

As utilities transition to being energy service providers, it is imperative that you know and understand the products that customers value. Customer Program Preferences helps you understand existing and prospective programs.

Customer insights lead to a well-rounded portfolio

Examining how your customers think provides incredible insight into your portfolio. It enables your marketers and program managers to work more effectively when they know and understand what customers want and will participate in.

Let us help you build a product portfolio for the future.

To learn how our Customer Program Preferences and Unmet Needs can help you strengthen your portfolio of programs, please download the full product sheet or contact us.

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