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Program Satisfaction Survey

Improve Your Program Portfolio
Measure Impact of Satisfaction
Increase Customer Loyalty

What is Program Satisfaction Tracking?

Tracks program satisfaction, the drivers of satisfaction, and identifies where you are doing well and where there is room for improvement.


  • Understand how programs contribute to overall satisfaction with your utility
  • Input into regulatory applications for program offering approvals
  • Prioritize program budgets
  • Receive baseline score and ongoing feedback
  • Identify programs that are contributing to overall satisfaction, or those that need process or offer improvements


  • Overall satisfaction score(s)
  • Customer satisfaction driver scores
  • Program satisfaction scores
  • Top areas for improvement
  • Satisfaction detractors
  • Survey summary and recommendations

Find out how you can be more successful

As you build engagement and satisfaction with your customers, they perceive you as providing additional value. The result is greater financial value to you in terms of lower operating costs, reduced call center activity, and greater revenue through program participation.

Our Program Satisfaction Tracking monitors satisfaction, determines the drivers of program satisfaction across all of your programs, and tracks any movement of those drivers over time. We can measure satisfaction monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, or annually, and can monetize the value of customer satisfaction of each program.

Let us show you how to increase your program satisfaction.

To learn how our Program Satisfaction Tracking can help you make more informed business decisions, please download the full product sheet or contact us.

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