We know how to get customer data and put it to work for you.


Get detailed household information directly from customers—with ongoing communication and frequent updates.


Does your utility use home energy reports to learn more about customers and advance your energy-efficiency goals? Take this approach to a higher level. Transform a static home energy report into a dynamic data, communication, and engagement tool. That’s the power of DirectEngageTM.

Your customers opt-in and not only provide household information, they create action plans online and monitor their savings. Energy savings increase spurred by their high level of engagement and relevant tips and offers from you.

Like a home energy report on steroids to achieve your utility goals.
  • Deepen customer engagement
  • Increase energy savings
  • Improve customer satisfaction
  • Lower acquisition costs
  • Drive behavioral changes
  • Support demand-side management
  • Build customer trust
  • Satisfy regulators

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Customer Optimization

Customer Optimization (COP) is a research and analytics project that provides customer insights at the individual level, and a strategic view of how to optimize your program portfolio to meet your business needs. There are two primary outputs of Customer Optimization:

  • Customer Insights Data and Segmentation that allows you to more effectively target customers with the right programs, right message and the right channel


    Value: Program preferences, increased adoption, lower cost of acquisition, reduced customer fatigue and increased customer satisfaction.
  • A Comprehensive Marketing Plan that provides the tools for portfolio planning.


    Value: Evaluates existing program portfolio, identifies program unmet needs, best next programs and the financials of customer marketing (monetizing the value of programs/customer marketing). This supports the overall customer marketing strategy, portfolio strategy, business planning, budgeting and informing the commission.

Download Our Customer Optimization Overview PDF

Direct Online Rebate Portal

You need customers to use your conservation rebates. Make it as easy as clicking a mouse.

Consumers can get almost anything online. Why not conservation rebates? This user-friendly online web application lets your customers access rebates and incentives when and where they want. It is perfect for rebates based on specific energy-efficiency upgrades, like ENERGY STAR® lighting, HVAC, and other commercial improvements. The paperless process reduces turnaround time for rebate requests by 40% (with some exceptions, of course).